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Best football BTTS predictions: both teams to score betting tips free

Gear up your regular football accumulator with free BTTS tips for betting on Takebet Kenya! Our experts use their knowledge of the English Premier League (EPL), Spanish La Liga Primera Division, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and the USA MLS as well as other competitions of Europe, Africa, America, Asia and international ones when preparing BTTS predictions for you.

Our free both teams to score tips include the standard “Yes/No” bets alongside BTTS and win predictions, as well as both teams to score plus over under betting tips.

The expert team takes time to analyse football deeply before giving our both teams to score predictions: team statistics, betting odds, historical result trends, recent run of form, head-to-heads of the given teams alongside recent news on leading defenders and goalscorers.

Be conversant with Takebet Kenya to get single predictions as well as BTTS accumulator tips at any time: we drop picks one-two days before any match commences. Access both teams to score betting tips for a given date using "Today", "Tomorrow" and "Weekend" filters.

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BTTS betting tips overview

There is no second opinion on the matter: both teams to score (abbreviated as BTTS) is one of the most popular and widely used football betting markets in the world, from Africa to America, from Asia to Europe. Thus, free both teams to score tips constitute a big share on Takebet Kenya. Our BTTS betting predictions and picks are singles and football accumulator tips (BTTS).

Different submarkets have emerged connected to this bet type through the years. First, the BTTS bet constituted only “Yes” and “No” options, with the former meaning that both teams will bag a goal and the latter meaning that either one or both will not. Then, variations were separated: both teams to score, both not to bag a goal and only one team to score.

Finally, highly popular combined betting markets were offered for BTTS tips:

And now you have an opportunity to bet on predictions for BTTS in the first or in the second half, or even in both halves. Bookmakers combine the bet in question with totals from 0.5 to 3.5 and more, and some bookies unite this bet with the double chance betting market!

Both teams to score betting tips are mostly used for high scoring teams, when squads that have high chances of scoring clash. Betting fans wager on the “Yes” side more often than not. Since this betting market is independent of the result of the match, it gives more freedom to punters.

BTTS football predictions for numerous tournaments are analysed by Takebet Kenya and posted on this page. Check below for the explanation of the both teams to score betting with examples.

Both teams to score (BTTS) betting predictions explained

The both teams to score pick basically has “Yes” and “No” options. It may also include such wagers as only one team scoring, both teams not scoring or an exact team scoring only.

There is only one possible scenario for the “Yes” bet in the BTTS market, and it is both teams bagging at least a goal each. The “No” option is more complex and includes all other possible outcomes, a few of them. These are both teams not scoring and only one squad scoring. And as we have mentioned earlier, some bookmakers may offer each outcome as a separate bet here.

Example #1: if you stake on “both teams to score”, then Chelsea scoring against Manchester United the only goal of the match will land you a loss. You need Man Utd to score as well.

Example #2: If you stake on “both teams NOT to score”, then Chelsea scoring against Manchester United the only goal of the match will land you a loss too. You need a 0-0 scoreline. However, if you had picked a simple “No” bet, you would have won with only one team scoring.

Both teams to score predictions are available for the whole match alongside first half BTTS predictions and second half BTTS betting tips. On bookies as well as on Takebet Kenya, the bets on both squads to bag a goal in both halves may be offered too, if the teams are of a scoring type.

Note: goals scored in the extra-time are not eligible for the BTTS betting market. Only goals scored before the final whistle (e.g. in full-time) are used. So if a team is playing knockout stage or final match, only goals scored during the 90 minutes and added minutes in each half are used. Goals scored in the extra-time are invalid. Keep yourself accustomed to these facts.

BTTS and win predictions and tips

The BTTS and win betting market is a simple combination of two bets: both teams to score and the outcome of the match. On most bookies, as a punter you have to select whether both teams will bag a goal (yes or no) and decide on the 1x2 outcome: a home win, a draw or an away win.

Example: if you stake on “both teams to score & a draw”, a 0-0 draw will land you a loss, while any other draw scoreline will be a win for you, due to both teams bagging at least a goal.

There is a separate section with BTTS and win tips for betting on Takebet Kenya.

BTTS and over under goal tips

The both teams to score bet combined with the over under goals total is another popular type of free BTTS tips. It is based on the margin of goals scored by both teams in a match with either both teams scoring or not. Margins you can choose always include under over 2.5 goals and even more options depending on the sportsbook and on the level of the match.

Example: if you stake on the total being over 2.5 goals and both teams to score, then Chelsea scoring three goals to nil against Manchester United won’t do a trick, but the 2-1 scoreline will.

There is a separate section with BTTS and over under goals tips for betting on Takebet Kenya.

Football accumulator tips BTTS

In a soccer accumulator, both teams to score predictions and tips are frequent guests on Takebet Kenya!

We particularly love this bet in all its variations and often use it for our accumulator predictions. BTTS acca tips from Takebet Kenya start with two events and usually reach up to five selections with total odds of around 10.00 (+900 American; 9/1 Fractional). When we gamble on both teams to score tips, such betting markets as outcomes and handicaps make up a fine combination for them, as well as anytime goalscorer bets, double chance and draw no bet.

There is no limitation whatsoever, so dedicated experts of Takebet Kenya may offer you football BTTS accumulator betting tips only, meaning that the only betting market used is BTTS.

Football tournament coverage of both teams to score predictions

The team of Takebet Kenya picks BTTS betting tips in various major football tournaments:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • Premier League (England)
  • Championship (England)
  • La Liga Primera Division (Spain)
  • Serie A (Italy)
  • Bundesliga (Germany)
  • Ligue 1 (France)
  • MLS (USA)
  • South African Premier Division
  • Nigeria Premier Football League

Doing that regularly, we as well analyse and predict both teams to score outcomes in such top international football tournaments as FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro, Nations League, Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), CONMEBOL Copa America, CONCACAF Gold Cup and more!

How experts analyse football for sure BTTS predictions

The team of Takebet Kenya employs various methods of analysis to come up with valuable BTTS football predictions. First of all, we check the trend of the recent games, at least the series of the last five matches against other opponents in the same tournament and in all competitions. We also research H2H fixtures of the teams which are relevant to the current squads.

Such stats as the number of goals scored, number of clean sheets and ball control, defensive and offensive ratios are taken into account. The form of the top goalscorers and defenders is crucial, so experts keep themselves knowledgeable about the latest news on teams and players to forecast a starting lineup and keep track of players’ injuries, suspensions and motivation.

Combined with analysis of the betting odds, this lets us pick BTTS soccer predictions skillfully!

Strategy for both teams to score tips

Checking the scoring record of both teams is crucial in developing your BTTS betting strategy. There is a classic occasion on which betting on both teams to bag a goal is a great idea: if a stronger side is playing weak opposition and the stronger side has a poor clean sheet record in last games or problems in the defence, it will be only logical to wager on the BTTS option.

Use our BTTS betting picks: there is an analysis to back them up each time we drop one!

Free BTTS tips: how to get access

Free tips for the both teams to score betting market are published with open access for everyone on Takebet Kenya via this page. Pick the match you fancy betting on, read the tip and wager.

Use the following filters to access the betting picks for a given date:


What is a both teams to score betting tip?

Both teams to score is a bet type that lets you wager on whether both teams will bag a goal in a match or not. The options are few: both to do the trick, both not to bag a goal or any one of the teams to do it. Takebet Kenya employs this market in our professional sports predictions widely.

What types of both teams to score picks do you publish?

Betting predictions which Takebet Kenya recommends include BTTS accumulator tips and single football bets. Among several variations of this betting market, we use a standard yes/no option alongside a BTTS bet combined with an outcome or a goal total. These wagers are recommended for all top football tournaments such as the EPL and the Champions League.

When do you post your BTTS betting predictions?

Free betting picks for any football event become available around 24-48 hours before the match. In knockout tournaments, once the teams have been drawn Takebet Kenya researches stats, results, H2H, news and the betting odds to come up with actionable both teams to score picks.

Are your BTTS predictions free?

All picks that feature the BTTS bets are published on Takebet Kenya completely for free.

Do you have BTTS betting picks for today and tomorrow?

Indeed, we may have predictions featuring the given betting market right now. To find out, you need to check for BTTS tips for today and BTTS tips for tomorrow as well as both teams to score tips for Saturday and Sunday on the corresponding filter pages of Takebet Kenya.

What are the betting odds of both teams to score predictions?

There are two cases for the odds in the betting picks of Takebet Kenya — single and accumulator bets.

For single predictions, the odds usually range from 1.50 to 3.00 (-200 to +200 America; 1/2 to 2/1 Fractional). For football accumulator tips BTTS odds reach up to 10.00 (+900; 9/1).

How to bet on both teams to score tips?

Wagering on tips of Takebet Kenya is quite easy. Visit our website and pick the “Both teams to score” section from the menu. Choose a match and tap on the corresponding prediction to read it. Afterwards tap on the BET NOW button in the bet card below the text of this prediction to proceed to one of the best bookmakers, register an account and bet on the given pick.

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