EuroBasket 2022: Germany vs Poland basketball prediction and betting tips (September 18)
Germany have won five of the last six matches against Poland. Will they win this one to finish the 2022 EuroBasket third?
A. J. Slaughter received 32 out of 83 points in the last H2H match against Germany.
A. J. Slaughter received 32 out of 83 points in the last H2H match against Germany.
by Alex Weaver Alex Weaver

The Germany vs Poland fixture in the 3rd place match of the 2022 EuroBasket will take place on Sunday, 18 September 2022, starting at 3:15 p.m. GMT. The venue is Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin.

Latest odds on betting sites

Germany are priced with the odds of 1.20 (-500 American; 1/5 Fractional) to win, which equals an approximate probability of 77%. Poland come with the odds of 4.50 (+350; 7/2) to win this match. The chances of their victory are around 23%.

The latest odds for Germany vs Poland (September 18):

  • Over 168.5 points — 1.90 (-111; 9/10)
  • Under 168.5 points — 1.90 (-111; 9/10)
  • Asian handicap (+9.5) points on Poland — 1.90 (-111; 9/10)
  • Asian handicap (-9.5) points on Germany — 1.90 (-111; 9/10)
  • Over 14.5 points by Mateusz Ponitka — 1.85 (-117; 17/20)
  • Over 25.5 points by Dennis Schroder — 1.85 (-117; 17/20)

Match preview and statistics

Germany lost the fixture against Spain (91-96) in the last game.

Germany was close to reaching the final. They received an eight-point difference in the first three quarters, but were absolutely destroyed in the last one. Germany made 68 attempts to score, but missed 35 of them. They had greater accuracy in the three-point shots, but were much worse in the remaining. Germany completed nine interceptions, but lost the ball 12 times in the match.

Dennis Schroder did all possible for his team’s victory in this match, but those were not enough. He scored 30 out of 91 points for his team, whereas the second and the third best scorers for Germany finished the match with 15 points, each. Three best scorers for Spain finished the fixture with 29, 16 and 13 points.

Dennis Schroder has scored at least 26 points in the last two matches and in the last H2H game against Poland. The same outcome is priced with the odds of 1.85 (-117; 17/20) this time.

Poland were eliminated by France (54-95) in the semi-final.

Igor Milicic’s men absolutely failed this match. Their accuracy was equal to 32%, which is the lowest ratio in the tournament. Poland scored 73.3% of one-point shots, but they converted only 33% and 31% of three and two-point shots, respectively. They won six offensive rebounds and 15 defensive rebounds, but these results are disappointing too.

Michal Michalak was the best scorer for his team with nine points, one rebound and one assist. A. J. Slaughter finished this match with only nine points too. Mateusz Ponitka's performance was disappointing in this game by receiving only seven points. Guerschon Yabusele and Evan Fournier scored 32 points for France.

Poland have received at least 80 points in three of the last four H2H games against Germany. They are priced with the odds of 1.80 (-125; 4/5) to receive a total of over 79.5 points.

Germany vs Poland H2H

Germany beat Poland (93-83) in the last H2H match. They dominated in attack with 69 shots, whereas Poland made only 57 attempts to score. Under the baskets, we saw the same result. Germany won 41 rebounds, whereas their rivals won only 30 rebounds. However, Poland completed six interceptions and lost the ball only 13 times.

Dennis Schroder was MVP of the match with 38 points, seven assists and five rebounds. A. J. Slaughter received 32 out of 83 points for Poland, which is a fantastic result too.

Lineups and key players

Germany projected lineup:

  • Point guard: Dennis Schroder
  • Shooting guard: Franz Wagner
  • Small forward: Niels Giffey
  • Power forward: Johannes Thiemann
  • Center: Johannes Voigtmann

Dennis Schroder was MVP of the last match and MVP of the most recent H2H game against Poland by scoring 30 and 38 points in these matches, respectively.

Poland projected lineup:

  • Point guard: A. J. Slaughter
  • Shooting guard: Michal Michalak
  • Small forward: Mateusz Ponitka
  • Power forward: Aleksander Dziewa
  • Center: Aleksander Balcerowski

A. J. Slaughter was the second best scorer for his team in the semi-final with nine points, two rebounds and two assists. In the last H2H match against Germany, Slaughter scored 32 points.

Prediction and betting tips

Poland's play in the semi-final disappointed. Their victory was not a safe outcome, but a loss by 41 points was unpredictable for sure. Poland eliminated Slovenia in the quarter-final and Ukraine in the Round of 16, but they met only one strong rival in the group stage and were defeated by Serbia by 27 points. They did not have any chance to place third place in the match against Germany.

Gordon Herbert’s men have won the last three H2H matches against Poland with two by at least eight points. Germany won over France, Lithuania and Greece in this tournament, who are much stronger than Poland’s rivals. Also, their key player Dennis Schroder is unstoppable now. Asian handicap (-9.5) points on Germany looks safe.

Betting prediction: Asian handicap (-9.5) points on Germany

Odds: 1.90 (-111 American; 9/10 Fractional)

Basketball. 3rd place match
Germany — Poland
Asian handicap (-9.5) points on Germany
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